We are always seeking opportunities to work with great companies dedicated to providing outstanding services to the healthcare sector.

Cardiac Services

Cardiac Services Group is at the forefront of supplying and supporting diagnostic and measurement equipment in Ireland and the UK.

Cardiac Services is a reselling partner of Thula in the Republic of Ireland.


Origo (NASDAQ OMX: NYHR.IC) is a long-established and publically listed Nordic IT services and solutions provider with offices in Iceland and Sweden.

Origo is a leading provider of EMR solutions in Iceland with its flagship product SAGA.

Origo and Thula work jointly on e-prescribing solutions for the Icelandic market where eMed is integrated into SAGA, Iceland’s most widespread EMR.


MedEye is a leading provider of medication safety solutions for hospitals and other healthcare institutions.

Our e-prescribing solution eMed works with MedEye for bedside verification.


Lyfjaver is an Icelandic pharmacy operating a retail pharmacy and providing pharmaceutical services to long term care facilities.  Lyfjaver is a pioneer in automated multidose dispensing for hospitals, long- term and primary care.

Lyfjaver has been on the forefront of utilising Alfa to provide outstanding services to hospitals and long-term care facilities all over Iceland.